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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 6, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. we found the best videos of the day so you don't have to. let's get started, "right this minute." >> this is the police, don't move! >> a former sheriff is caught in
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a sting, trading drugs for sex. >> this is an iconic sheriff. >> it's the just-released video that took down the career of a distinguished lawman. a video for anyone who hates team-building exercises, as some executives stage an over-the-top show. >> i was sitting there thinking, give me the money that it took to produce all this -- are you kidding me! >> see how vicious little pellets of ice left the owner of this car saying, oh, hell no! >> and you won't believe what this chick is about to do with her teeth. >> i didn't even notice she had teeth. you may remember last year, an iconic former arapaho county sheriff was arrested on pretty embarrassing charges. it was said at the time there was surveillance video of his activity. that surveillance video has just been released. we got this from
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the officer torso you see is agent matt han began, part of an undercover sting operation along with some cis, confidential informants. you see the former sheriff, and his name is patrick sullivan. the reason this former sheriff trusts this ci is this ci claimed he had traded drugs for sex with former sheriff sullivan before. and he pulls out a portable dvd player and starts playing porn. now, see this package, it looks kind of like a fanny pack, he hands it over to the ci who unzips it and pulls out drug paraphernalia. keep listening to what's going on. >> it's good stuff. [ inaudible ] >> so now we've got this set-up. the ci asks him, did you consume any of this? and listen to what the former sheriff says. >> why don't you try it yrskiugs are we
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talking about? >> methamphetamine. >> wow. >> this is an iconic sheriff. he has a jail named after him. but watch what's about to happen. [ crash ] >> police. on the ground! >> holy cow. >> they take him away. they book him into the jail that bears his name. on tuesday, he pleaded guilty to felony possession of methamphetamine and for soliciting prostitution. he got 30 days in jail, 2 years probation and $1100 fine. >> that seems pretty light. >> probably his first offense. >> imagine the life of lies that this man had been living. >> how embarrassing for him. because everything he has ever done, good, or anything, tarnished. are you kidding me! >> tornadoes weren't the only force of nature causing damage in texas.
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hail, rain down also in neighboring communities. this is from koppel, texas and the hail is like nothing i have seen. it is completely destroying this man's wife's car. >> this is ridiculous. our car is trashed. >> look at the size of those ice chunks on the ground. baseball-size chunks of hail beating the heck out of his wife's car. >> it is coming down with a vengeance. >> good god. >> you can see parts of the car flying when the chunks of ice hit. >> wow. >> oh, my god. >> and there's so much of it. >> this is the aftermath, smashed out the back window, side window, crushed the windshield. >> oh, man. >> and look at the roof of the car. the hail hit the roof so hard, it shattered the paint on the roof of the car. >> this just gives you even more insight into the intensity of these storms that just ripped texas apart in certain areas. >> patio chairs, smashed.
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his metal grill -- >> barbecue. >> wow, it busted that. >> look at the metal lid to the barbecue busted. >> i mean, that is intense. >> state farm says they received as many as 6500 auto claims from hail damage alone. and that's just one insurance company. >> oh, my god. what are we gonna do? a hit and run in bethlehem, pennsylvania was caught on video. but the driver didn't get far away. this is on the fahey bridge. this happened on monday. as you can see here, there's a cyclist crossing the bridge. cyclists are allowed to use the bridge, just like vehicles, as the vehicles are going around. >> oh, that's so dangerous. i don't care if you're allowed to use the lane or not. i would not do that. >> watch this bus here. this is very important to what you see next. see that? right there. that black sedan hit the cyclist. but it's not over. >> what? >> the driver drives away. hit and run.
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until the bus turns, blocks the lane, blocks the bridge so nobody could get across and the hit and run driver is stopped. and that other car pulls behind him, just to be sure. >> what a cool bus driver. that was some quick thinking on that bus driver's part. >> the cyclist was taken to a local hospital and treated and released. but look at the bike. >> really got mangled. >> do we know how the guy hit him? was it because the bus moved over one lane and the guy didn't see him? >> the driver, a 17-year-old juvenile, was attempting to pass the bus on the left. the bus moved over, and the car then hit the cyclist from behind. >> so the driver is only 17 years old. he probably freaked out and he didn't know how to react or handle the situation. >> simple accident. that's all it was, is just an accident. he probably wouldn't have been held accountable for it, because it's an accident. but to run away as soon as you hit that gas pedal and take off -- >> take a look at this man on your screen and tell me how would you think he is.
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>> 15. >> 14? >> 13. >> well, this is jose sanders, and he is 22 years old. >> ooh. >> jose went into a kroger store to try and buy a six-pack of beer. he is 22 years old and has a driver's license to prove it. but the clerk thought it was a fake i.d., so he denied him the beer. jose started demanding and police say that he was cursing at the employees and he said that was -- he even curseded at the police. he talked to cbs atlanta, and this is what he said of the incident. >> well, of course i was kind of angry. i was like, you know what, i have a right to buy this beer. you can call the police and let them know what's going on. >> he even sounds like a really young person, right? >> yeah. >> i did not curse at them. >> did you curse under your breath while they were there? >> i might have. but i didn't curse at them. >> he was probably just frustrating at years of being treated like a kid. >> frustrated with it.
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>> that guy can't be mad at this clerk. he could get in a lot of trouble as an employee if he sold alcohol to an underage client. >> this happened in georgia and the driver's license he had is from pennsylvania so i can see how the clerk thought it may be fake. >> of course he's going to be suspicious. >> the guy ended up being arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. jose did tell a local station that he does have a pituitary gland condition that has affected his growth. >> okay. so now that changes it. you feel bad for the store because the guy was doing his job. you feel bad for the guy. >> he did say he had been going to the store to buy cigarettes for three weeks and never had a problem. and all he wanted was to have a beer. a deer rescue story that will have you saying -- >> fantastic. what a great bambi story. >> see what goes so right after all the stuff that went so wrong. and it's time for -- >> like bedtime performances. >> oh, really? >> really. see the little cutie who is getting down, and belting it out
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before she covers up.
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i have a rescue video for you from melbourne, australaust. this is a rescue of a male deer. the guy you're seeing is manford zubinskis and he runs an animal rescue and specializes in difficult and dangerous animals. manford has tranquilized this animal and you'll see why as the camera gets closer to the deer. >> is he caught in a fence? >> no, it's actually worse than that. the deer has gotten tangled in rope, and the rope has gotten so tangled around his antlers that it's also pulling on his neck and cutting into his skin. now, these rescuers come in together, they put a blanket over the deer so it really can't see everything that's going on. and they get in there with cutters, and they start untangling and cutting this rope from the antlers.
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>> wow. >> that thing is really tangled up. it looks like a nest. it also looks like that rope has been on there for a while. that's sad that he's had to endure almost a slow death, if it wasn't for these guys. >> right. it was lucky that it was manford who saw him, because he does specialized in tranquilized darting animals and rescuing him. the video ends before we see what happens to this deer. we got in touch with manford. he sent us some photos of the event. again, some of these are difficult to look at, because you can see how the rop affecting the deer. but i have great news for you. the deer was okay. they got him untangled, and here's a photo of him running off into a field. >> fantastic. what a great bambi story. we get to have fun at work every day. we have got a fun job. but when you're in construction, it's n it's not always as fun. so you've got to make your own fun. >> they are pretending to have a running gun battle?
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>> they're playing guns with their jackhammers. >> that's awesome. >> was that joe pesci at the beginning? >> it was not joe pesci, but it is a man in a really tiny belly shirt. did you notice? >> this is like grown men being 6-year-olds at the playground. >> but how do they know when the other gets shot? >> honor system. >> when you feel like the opponent has hit you. >> yes. >> you fall. >> you play dead, count to 30, and get up and you're back. >> two guys, you have got the guy in the green here, i'm going call him igor. in the belly shirt. he's taking aim at a guy ducking behind a column. he reaches over, grabs his weapon again. this guy, i love it, does it over the shoulder. but look at that shirt. >> and in doing so -- bloating his stomach. his wife ought to be slapped for letting her man leave like that. >> i think he might have grabbed
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her shirt by accident on the way out the door. >> thank you, thank you, thank you for watching "right this minute" today. if you missed a video or want to see something again, you can head over to our website, you can find all the videos that we find at all day, every single day of the week. it's all at and thank you in advance for checking it out. this girl has a bad tooth, a plan, and a pair of pliers. >> i appreciate that she is doing it in -- >> see what happens when she plays do it yourself dentist. and one more video from the dental chair. [ inaudible ] >> we don't live in america? >> no. >> where do we live? >> i don't remember! >> more evidence you should stay away from cameras after losing your wisdom teeth.
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this is 4-year-old hanna. and it's bedtime for hanna. and hanna loves to do, like, bedtime performances. >> oh, really. >> yeah. in this particular video, she is singing one of her favorite songs called good night olivia from her favorite nick jr. show, "olivia." ♪
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>> eventually we realize the goal is not to move the carpet out of the way. the goal is actually to cover up the dog, the family dog, lula. >> she is tucking lula in first. how sweet. >> according to hanna's mom, the horse -- the horse on the stick is part of her routine. >> because she is a young calamity jane. >> exactly right. she does the -- when she performs the song. >> and she tucks herself in. what kind of mother does she have that let's her daughter tuck herself in. >> she has the best mother on the planet, joanne, one of our rtm workers is her little girl. >> of course it is. hanna came to the studio once. she had a really in depth conversation. >> she is like 4 going on 40. there is one more fabulous impromptu bedtime performance. ♪ >> she is so darling. >> flippin' cutest little girl ever. >> yes. it's not the tooth fairy,
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it's the wisdom teeth wizards. >> get in a wheelchair. here comes your wheelchair. you ready to go? >> oh, yeah, baby. >> this is going to be bad. [ inaudible ] >> we don't live in america. >> we don't live in america? >> no. >> where do we live? >> i don't remember! where do we live? >> harrisburg. north carolina. what? [ inaudible ] >> hogwarts. >> hogwarts? >> i live in hogwarts. >> you live in hogwarts? >> you're a wizard? >> i am a wizard. you put a spell on me. >> they put a spell on you?
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>> yes! >> you had your wisdom teeth taken out. >> what the hell is that? >> okay. we've got to go get your medicine. more medicine. >> oh! i love medicine. what's a hot chick to do when she can't see the dentist? >> today i'm going pull my tooth out. >> i appreciate she is doing that with her -- i didn't even notice she had teeth. >> basically my tooth is loose, coming out. no. >> no medication, no booze, no assistance except for her pliers. >> i've been inspired by this story. people take their own tooth out with a pair of pliers. when i was talking into the tool shed, didn't hurt. when i picked up the pliers, it still didn't hurt. when i pulled the tooth out, it
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hurt. afterwards, my tooth didn't hurt anymore. >> i'm confused. >> keep watching. >> here's my pliers. can't even see it. >> oh, no! >> this is like watching "jackass." >> it's jackass chicks. >> you know that nervous feeling you bet when you're in the dentist chair? i have that feeling right now. do it! >> wow! okay. well, that's good. >> those monks were right. >> she pulled it out quite easily. she didn't have to really pull and jab. >> it looked like it might have been rotten or something. >> the tooth did not look good at all. i thought maybe it's a fake. but then when she closes her mouth and opens it again, you can see blood on her tongue and i was like, yeah, that's real. >> it was a brown tooth. look, george washington's dentures. you think it was a wooden tooth that was planted and she had to
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pull it out because it had petrified. >> more power to her. >> this is my tooth. monday on "right this minute." it's never before seen video of this guy trying to cross the atlantic ocean. see the lost video monday on "right this minute." this is not your average work convention snooze fest. because these businessmen, well, they're putting on a show. >> it's all of the executives dancing to some song, right? >> they're not just dancing. >> see if it will make you clap or cringe.
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he was trying to persuade the turtle. >> otter makeout session. >> yeah. hmmm, okay. money. that's right. wow. you guys know how boring big conventions can be. >> oh, painfully boring. >> especially the speakers. >> not too long ago -- >> this is actually a rebranding conference of one of norway's
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biggest i.t. companies. it used to be called ergo group. now they're changing the name to every, e-v-r-y. and because they're trying to rebrand to get people excited about this new name, evry, they decided to do this. the ceo, board of directors and management team all got together to entertain 6,200 employees. >> get the party started. ♪ >> we got the power. >> oh, brother. ♪ >> it's all of the executives dancing to the song, right? >> oh, they're not just dancing. in fact, watch the first guy who comes out. >> check this out. >> this is the company ceo. of. >> he is doing his own rendition of snap the power. ♪ >> this is horrible. >> look at how highly produced this is. >> that's what i'm thinking. if i'm forced to go to this
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convention, i'm sitting there thinking, give me the money that it took to produce all this stuff divied up amongst us. i would be thinking of a way to get myself into upper management so i could be in this performance. ♪ ♪ process this cake ♪ whose the cake every cake ♪ that's it for us here at "right this minute." we have one more video for you, from paramotoring over the uk. enjoy it and stick around because the rtm top-ten enjoy it and stick around because the rtm top-ten countdown is coming up. -- captions by vitac --
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